Up-Grade Flute Grades 2-3 with Piano Accompaniment

Up-Grade! Flute Grades 2-3 with Piano Accompaniment

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Up-Grade! Flute Grades 2-3 with Piano Accompaniment

For Instrument - Flute
Ability - Intermediate
Format - Sheet Music

One of the popular Up-Grade! series by Pamela Wedgwood.

Contains arrangements of well-known tunes, plus a number of original pieces by Pamela Wedgwood for you to play as you bridge the gap between grades, there is a varied, bright collection, easing you gently towards the next level.


  • Tambourin [Francois Joseph Gossec]
  • The Mango Walk [Jamaican Folk Song]
  • The Easy Winners [Scott Joplin]
  • Symphony No.40 in G minor 1st movement [Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart]
  • All in a Day's Work! [Pamela Wedgwood]
  • Eclipse [Pamela Wedgwood]
  • Five Jive [Pamela Wedgwood]
  • Flibbertigibbet [Pamela Wedgwood]
  • Free and Easy [Pamela Wedgwood]
  • Journey to Saturn [Pamela Wedgwood]
  • Just for You [Pamela Wedgwood]
  • Rosie [Pamela Wedgwood]
  • Scale-learning Blues! [Pamela Wedgwood]
  • Siberian Galop [Pamela Wedgwood]

Additional Information

Contributors - Pamela Wedgwood
Series - Up Grade, Upgrade Series
Grades 2 to 3
Type - Graded Resources, Repertoire, Albums