Trevor James Series 8 Clarinet Outfit

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Trevor James Series 8 Clarinet Outfit

Instrument - Clarinet
Ability - Ideal for Beginner
Colour / Finish - Black

An ideal student instrument.
This new model features a high level of focus on improved intonation, ease of playing, use of precision CNC manufacture, high quality polishing, plating, padding and build, all with high quality materials, we are sure it offers great value and performance.

Key: Bb Clarinet

Pitch: 442h

Body: ABS resin

Bore Size: 14.65mm

Keywork: Silver Plated Boehm 17 keys 6 rings, adjustable thumb rest with cork pad and positional locking feature. This models features an improved left-hand F/C key adjustable mechanism, and one-piece levers. Improved ergonomic register key design as standard.

Tone Holes: Undercut

Springs: Blue Needle Springs

Barrel Lengths: 65mm and 64mm

Pads: white premium quality leather pads with a chamfered cork speaker pad, which will greatly improves the response. Black felt bumpers for quiet mechanism.

Case: Cordura compact protective backpack style with shoulder strap and hand carrying features. Front pocket, high quality straps and fittings. With TJ embroidered branding.

Additional Information

Type - Kit or Outfit, Starter Instrument, Woodwind