Trevor James Privilege Flute Outfit

Trevor James Privilege Flute Outfit

Trevor James

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Trevor James Privilege Flute Outfit

Instrument - Flute


An excellent 'step-up' flute for the advancing player, the TJ Privilege has been the choice of teachers for students of around Grades 4-6 for many years.

Featuring a .925 silver lip plate and riser, the CS 'Enhanced Design' headjoint allows for greater control in the lower register and a wider dynamic range. The TJ Privilege also has a hand-cut embouchure hole giving a very smooth entry of air into the instrument. This model also has French pointed key-arms. This strengthens the mechanism and makes it very accurate both in speed of response and tone. The heavyweight crown on the headjoint offers more resistance and centres and focuses the airflow. As with the TJ10x, the body of the instrument is triple-coated with copper and two layers of silver-plate

This model: C-foot, Closed hole, Silver lip and riser

Also available in a variety of other options (Open-hole, B-Foot etc). Please ask for details

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Type - Kit or Outfit, Woodwind, TJ Privilege