Trevor James Cantabile Open-Hole Flute Outfit

Trevor James Chanson Open-Hole Flute Outfit

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Trevor James TJ Chanson Flute Outfit, 'Performer' Series

Instrument - Flute
Colour / Finish - Silver-plate


Formerly known as the 'Cantabile', the TJ Chanson is an ideal upgrade flute for the advanced intermediate player of around Grade 6-8. The .925 precious metal headjoint allows for an incredibly resonant and controlled sound, which is necessary when playing at a high standard.

This flute also has French-style pointed keywork giving fantastic accuracy and speed of response. The Open holes on the A, G, F,E and D keys not only encourage correct finger placement, but better venting and intonation and the ability to tackle advanced techniques such as glissandos and note-bending.

A variety of options are available (C- or B-foot, Open or closed hole, shaped or traditional lip). Please ask for details.

This model - C-Foot, Open-Hole, Shaped Lip.

Additional Information

Type - Kit or Outfit, Woodwind