Trevor James Alphasax Alto Sax Outfit

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Trevor James Alphasax Alto Sax Outfit

Instrument - Saxophone
Ability - Ideal for Beginner


A Great Instrument for the Younger Learner

The Alphasax™ is not designed to take the place of the normal alto instrument, but is designed with the sole intention to enable the younger player who really wants to learn, to play now rather than have to wait until they grow!

The finger positions on the Alphasax™ are more compact than a standard alto sax to reflect smaller hands. As hands grow larger, the ergonomics of the standard alto saxophone will enable a smooth transition.

The Alphasax™ is in the key of Eb which is the same as the traditional alto sax. The innovative new mechanism has enabled us to maintain the finger positioning of a traditional alto saxophone, so you will be able to use the standard tutor books and happily learn alongside others. 

How is the Design of the Alphasax™ different? - The new Alphasax™ is based around the original body tube of the multi-award winning Trevor James ‘Horn’ Classic alto saxophone with redesigned mechanism and tone hole positioning. This ensures that we meet the weight and finger positioning issues of the younger player whilst maintaining the excellent tonal characteristics contained within a Trevor James saxophone body.
The Alphasax has a lightweight moulded case with backpack straps included along with a harness strap, mouthpiece, cap, single screw ligature and reed.

Instrument weight = 1.86kg
Instrument case = 1.48kg
Total package = 3.34kg

Additional Information

Type - Kit or Outfit, Woodwind