TCL Flute Sight Reading Initial - Grade 2 2021 Edition

TCL Flute Sight Reading Initial - Grade 2 2021 Edition

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Trinity College London Flute Sight Reading Initial - Grade 2 2021 Edition

This progressive method provides a carefully paced approach to the sight reading requirements of Trinity grade exams at Initial to Grade 2. For each grade there are ten lessons, each with a clear area of focus. Stage-appropriate sight reading tips, both general and specific to the instrument, are given along the way.

Each lesson presents four or five preparatory exercises leading to a duet, included to encourage the development of ensemble sight reading skills. While duets are not required for grade exams, they are vital in building confidence and rhythmic fluency. Each duet builds on the same musical ideas as the preceding exercises, consolidating the learning and assisting the student through familiarity.

Official Trinity specimen sight reading tests conclude each grade section. By the time the student has completed the ten lessons they should be well prepared to cope with the demands of these tests.

For Instrument - Flute
Exam Board - Trinity
Ability - Early Stages
Format - Sheet Music

Additional Information

Trinity College London (TCL)
Year/s 2021 Edition
Grades Incl. - Initial, Grade 1, Grade 2
Type - Graded Resources, Exams