Soho Cylinder Wireless Speakers

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Soho Cylinders True Wireless Speakers. 

Soho Cylinders are two portable true wireless speakers (TWS) that can be split and used individually or joined together into one stereo speaker.

Give one to your friend so they can listen to their death metal in the kitchen, whilst you use yours for something more chilled out in the living room. Then combine forces and play an album using both Cylinders paired to one device in wonderful stereo sound!

OK LETS START AT THE TOP, 1, 2, 3… 20w wireless speaker when combined. 52mm drivers on each side. Simply switch both the Cylinders on and connect your device via Bluetooth to the SOHO CYLIDERS. Take it to the BBQ, beach, hotel, party or bar mitzvah.

LIGHTS, SOHO, ACTION: Turn your Cylinder speaker into a feature of your environment with their circular speaker lights.

8 HOURS PLAYBACK WITH A 3 HOUR CHARGE TO 100%: Type-C charging with a duo charger allowing you to charge both Cylinders at the same tome from one plug.

POWERFUL 20W TRUE WIRELESS STEREO (TWS) SPEAKER: TWS speaker with the power of a small amplifier and loads of functionality.

HEAVY METAL, THAT ISN'T THAT HEAVY: SOHO Cylinders are made from strong steel, which is perforated, allowing sound waves to travel through effectively whilst ensuring the drivers remain protected. Despite their strength, Soho Cylinders weigh under 1kg!

WHO SAID SPLITTING UP WAS A BAD THING? You can snap your Cylinders apart and enjoy your music in two different rooms or areas up to 10m apart, with the playback device positioned equidistantly between both Cylinders.