Sandner B-5 4 4 Full Size Violin Bow

Sandner B-5 Violin Bow (Size Options)

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Sandner B-5 Violin Bow

For Instrument - Violin
Colour / Finish - Brazilwood
Size Option - 1/16 (Sixteenth), 1/10 (Tenth), 1/8 (Eighth), 1/4 (Quarter), 1/2 (Half), 3/4 (Three quarter), 4/4 (Full Size)


A popular Brazilwood, hand varnished Violin Bow from Sandner, with imitation whalebone lapping, an Ebony frog and three part button.

Horse hair.

(Example Photo of a Sandner B5 Violin Bow shown)

Additional Information

Type - Instrument Accessories, Bows, Bowed Strings