Rose Party Time For Piano

Rose Party Time For Piano

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Rose Party Time For Piano

For Instrument - Piano

15 party pieces for piano designed to be fun to play and conjure up a variety of scenes and images to fire the young player's imagination. At the same time, they have been skilfully written for beginners, with the shapes of the tunes reinforcing basic fingering patterns and with simple technical problems gently presented.


  • On Parade [Michael Rose]
  • Lullaby [Michael Rose]
  • The Cuckoo and the Lark [Michael Rose]
  • Playground Chase [Michael Rose]
  • Shepherd on the Hill [Michael Rose]
  • Lion in the Sun [Michael Rose]
  • Chinese Crackers [Michael Rose]
  • A Russian Picture [Michael Rose]
  • By the River [Michael Rose]
  • Country Song [Michael Rose]
  • Elephants' March [Michael Rose]
  • Sailing [Michael Rose]
  • Spring Shower [Michael Rose]
  • Courtly Dance [Michael Rose]
  • Highland Pipes [Michael Rose]

Additional Information

Contributors - Rose, Michael
Series - Easier Piano Pieces (ABRSM)
Year of Publication - 1996