PP World Early Years Wooden Drum - Animals

PP World Early Years Wooden Drum - Animals

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PP World 'Early Years' Wooden Drum - Animals

Children love the warm, vibrant sound of the PP World ‘Early Years’ drum with a wooden shell decorated with colourful animal artwork patterns and a durable double sided vellum-like head.

Complete with a pair of 20cm long wooden drum sticks, it can be used either as a stand-alone drum or, in ‘marching mode’ with an adjustable clip-on webbing strap, the perfect instrument for youngsters to learn rhythmic skills and improve dexterity.

Not only one of the largest suppliers of innovative junior percussion products, PP World also recognises the importance of a healthy environment, by drastically reducing plastic packaging, hence, this product features alternative, exciting and colourful containers constructed from recyclable cardboard materials.

Dimensions: 20cm Ø x 10cm Deep