Piano Time Pieces Book 3

Piano Time Pieces Book 3

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Piano Time Pieces Book 3

For Instrument - Piano
Format - Sheet Music

by Pauline Hall. An array of pieces in all styles, classical, jazzy, folk and more.

Practising the range of techniques and keys introduced in the Piano Time 3 book, the pieces provide a range of enjoyable repertoire and practice for young pianists.


  • Lillibulero [17th Century]
  • Witches' waltz [Bernstein, Adam]
  • Rondo [Bertini, Henri]
  • Study [Bertini, Henri]
  • Piano Time rag [Blackwell, David]
  • Switch [Blackwell, David]
  • Toboggan run [Blackwell, David]
  • Far beyond.... [Bullard, Alan]
  • Going for gold [Bullard, Alan]
  • Suburban train [Bullard, Alan]
  • Arabesque [Burgm?ller, Johann Friedrich]
  • Temple dancers [Drayton, Paul]
  • Allegretto in G [Dussek, Jan Ladislav]
  • The policeman's holiday [Ewing, Montague]
  • Etude [Goedicke, Alexander]
  • Scherzo [Gurlitt, Cornelius]
  • Lazy afternoon [Hall, Pauline]
  • Spanish serenade [Hall, Pauline]
  • Minuet in B flat [Haydn, Franz Joseph]
  • Toccata [Holst, Imogen]
  • Trumpets [Hopkins, Anthony]
  • Ducks in the pond [Last, Joan]
  • Close every door to me [Lloyd Webber, Andrew]
  • Trumpet tune [Purcell, Henry]
  • March of the kings [Reinhold, O]
  • Frosty Morning [Swinstead, Felix]
  • Andante [Thomas, Ambroise]
  • Down by the Salley Gardens (Sally Gardens) [Traditional Irish]
  • Allegro in C [Turk, Daniel Gottlob]

Additional Information

Contributors - Pauline Hall
Series - Piano Time (Hall)
Type - Graded Resources, Tutor, Method