Piano Time Jazz Book 2 Pauline Hall

Piano Time Jazz Book 2

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Piano Time Jazz Book 2

For Instrument - Piano
Format - Sheet Music

Supported by colourful, fun illustrations throughout, this book contains 24 piano pieces in a range of jazz and light-hearted styles.

Piano Time Jazz Book 2 is around the same level as Piano Time 3.


  • Cat's eyes [Blackwell, David]
  • Chase in the dark [Blackwell, David]
  • Clear water [Blackwell, David]
  • Moody max [Blackwell, David]
  • Polka dots [Blackwell, David]
  • Railroad blues [Blackwell, David]
  • Go with the flow [Bullard, Alan]
  • Head in the clouds [Bullard, Alan]
  • High Street blues [Bullard, Alan]
  • Round the bend [Bullard, Alan]
  • Star gazing [Bullard, Alan]
  • Three-quarter time [Bullard, Alan]
  • Whistle stop [Drayton, Paul]
  • Warm starry nights [Duro, Stephen]
  • Ol' man boogie blues [Gritton, Peter]
  • Funfair [Hall, Pauline]
  • Tango Argentina [Hall, Pauline]
  • Late at night [Macardle, Fiona]
  • Reggae stamp [Macardle, Fiona]
  • Snowball rag [Macardle, Fiona]
  • Promise! [Skeaping, Roderick]
  • Waltz for Alice [Stratford, Roy]
  • Warm up [Stratford, Roy]
  • Lively lion [Wooding, Kevin]

Additional Information

Contributors - Pauline Hall
Series - Piano Time (Hall)
No of Pages - 32
Genre - Jazz and Blues
Type - Tutor, Method