The Microjazz Collection 2 for Piano

Norton: The Microjazz Collection Book 2 for Piano

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The Microjazz Collection Book 2 for Piano

For Instrument - Piano
Ability - Intermediate
Format - Sheet Music with CD and/or Online Content

Popular with teachers and students alike, Christopher Norton's 'The Microjazz Collection Book 2' for Piano offers a mix of contemporary genres including Jazz, Blues, Rock and Roll and Reggae.

There are also helpful teaching notes and a CD containing backing tracks for practice and full performance tracks.


  • Reggae [Norton, Christopher]
  • Disco Drive [Norton, Christopher]
  • Blues No. 1 [Norton, Christopher]
  • Coconut Rag [Norton, Christopher]
  • A Spiritual [Norton, Christopher]
  • Two-handed Blues [Norton, Christopher]
  • Inter-city Stomp [Norton, Christopher]
  • Open Space [Norton, Christopher]
  • Cloudy Day [Norton, Christopher]
  • Chant [Norton, Christopher]
  • Picnic Piece [Norton, Christopher]
  • Get in Step [Norton, Christopher]
  • Washing Blues [Norton, Christopher]
  • Jazz Waltz [Norton, Christopher]
  • An Adventure [Norton, Christopher]
  • Blues Lullaby [Norton, Christopher]
  • Three plus Two Blues [Norton, Christopher]
  • Fifth Dimension [Norton, Christopher]
  • Reflections [Norton, Christopher]
  • Just an Aside [Norton, Christopher]
  • Duet [Norton, Christopher]
  • Mixed Up [Norton, Christopher]
  • Conversation Piece [Norton, Christopher]
  • Cruising [Norton, Christopher]
  • Face in the Crowd [Norton, Christopher]
  • Play it Again [Norton, Christopher]
  • New Day [Norton, Christopher]
  • Just a Sample [Norton, Christopher]
  • Samba [Norton, Christopher]
  • Miniature Blues [Norton, Christopher]
  • In the Park [Norton, Christopher]
  • Sunset [Norton, Christopher]
  • Touch Sensitive [Norton, Christopher]
  • Tiger Blues [Norton, Christopher]
  • Alone [Norton, Christopher]
  • Ready or Not [Norton, Christopher]

Additional Information

Contributors - Christopher Norton
Series - Microjazz
Genre - Jazz and Blues
Type - Repertoire