Lina Ng My third theory book

Lina Ng: My Third Theory Book

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Lina Ng: My Third Theory Book

Ability - Early Stages
Format - Sheet Music

The third book in this popular series by Lina Ng is designed to offer a smooth development to Grade 1 Theory.

There are lots of exercises and games to encourage a broader understanding of music, even for the very early stages of learning. For example; 

  • Exercises in basic revision of material learnt in the two previous books (My First Theory Book and My Second Theory Book)
  • Black notes, semitones, tones, dotted notes
  • Key signatures
  • Scales
  • Tests, games
  • More

Additional Information

Contributors - Lina Ng
Series - Lina Ng Theory Books
Year of Publication - 2004
Type - Graded Resources, Theory, Tutor