Music Medals Platinum Recorder Ensemble Pieces

Music Medals Platinum Recorder Ensemble Pieces

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Music Medals Platinum Recorder Ensemble Pieces

For Instrument - Recorder

Music Medals Recorder Ensemble Pieces are five volumes of enjoyable and accessible repertoire. Each volume contains original pieces and imaginative arrangements for duets, trios and quartets. Contains fun pieces and arrangements in various styles, ideal for group-teaching material. All pieces selected for ABRSM's Music Medals.


  • Wistful [Brian Bonsor]
  • Waltzing in the Air [Douglas Coombes]
  • Jive Bunnies [David Gordon]
  • The Two Vagabonds [Jonathan Leathwood]
  • Twilight Duo [Adam Gorb]
  • Two in One [David Gordon]
  • Nep-Tunes [Trad.]
  • Minuet from Sonata in D for three flutes [Johann Joachim Quantz]
  • Four on the Floor [David Gordon]; Country Gardens [Trad. / Percy Grainger]
  • Celandine [John McCabe]
  • Struttin' Our Stuff [Brian Bonsor]
  • Melancholy Melody [Andrew Challinger]
  • Serbian Round Dance [Trad.]
  • Mr Beveridge's Maggott [Trad.]
  • Cat's Tail [John McCabe]
  • Pink and Blue [Brian Bonsor]

Additional Information

Series - ABRSM Music Medals
Year of Publication - 2005