Mooer 15W Modelling Guitar Amp Green

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Mooer 15W Modelling Guitar Amp Green

For Instrument - Guitar


Mooer 15W Modelling Guitar Amp Green

Hornet 15 Green – The Overdrive Special

The Hornet Green honours amps that pushed limits on both sides of the Atlantic with blues and rock. Imagine all the amps you’d love to put a Tube Screamer in front of and you’ll find them in here.

  • 1 pure clean channel and 8 overdrives.
  • Emulated amps include: Marshall, Fender, Tone King, Mesa Boogie, Orange.

HORNET Green focuses on classic and retro tones with plenty of overdrive. If your first name is Marshall and your middle name is Orange, this is the amp for you! Keep it lean, mean, and Green.

Each amp in the HORNET series has two control modes, namely LIVE (parameters WYSIWYG) and PRESET (parameters can be stored as presets) modes. The 9 amp simulations have adjustable gain, three-band EQ, and individual volume as well as delay and reverb modules that can be independently controlled using TAP Tempo in real time. In addition, the HORNET series has a built-in high-sensitivity tuner and a Bluetooth playback function with adjustable volume levels and includes a headphone out jack for silent practice.
The HORNET mini digital modelling amplifier is based on MOOER MNRS(MOOER Non-linear
Response Sample) technology. It not only has high-quality sound, but also has a high degree of functional integration. You only need one cable to meet most of your practice needs or forget the cable and use the Hornet as a standalone Bluetooth speaker.


  • Built-in modulation, delay, and reverb effects with independent tap tempo for each 2 modes of operation (Live/Preset).
  • Store and recall up to 9 presets
  • Highly sensitive precision tuner
  • Dedicated headphones output
  • 6.5-inch custom speaker
  • DC18V 2000 mA centre pin negative power supply included


  • Inputs: 1/4" instrument signal input interface (impedance value 1M)
  • 3.5MM AUX IN audio interface (impedance value 10K)
  • Output: 3.5MM headphone stereo audio interface (impedance value 47 ohms)
  • Sampling rate: 48K
  • Sampling accuracy: 32bit
  • Power supply: DC 18V ≥ 2000mA Power adapter (center negative)
  • Size: 290mm (D) x 173 (W) x 255mm (H)
  • Speaker: 6.5" (impedance value 4 ohms)
  • Rated power: 15W
  • Peak power: 20W
  • Weight: 2.9kg
  • Accessories: Owner’s manual, power supply

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