Monington & Weston Upright Acoustic Piano

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Monington & Weston Upright Piano - Pre-Loved*

Finish - Teak


This pre-loved Monington & Weston Upright Piano is ideal for beginners.

In a teak finish it can add a stylish touch to any home, and the included double-width piano stool is great for parent and child teaching.

It features a full 88-key range, along with an unusual full-length music rest.

More details and demonstration available in our Tunbridge Wells store.

Additional Information

  • Type - Upright Piano (88 Keys)
  • Includes double width piano stool (shown)
  • Dimensions - Sizes (Approximate) 
    • Width 141cm, Height 102cm, Depth 57cm
  • Pedals - Soft and Sustain


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