Mier Jazz Rags and Blues Book 4 for Piano

Mier: Jazz Rags & Blues Book 4 For Piano

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Mier: Jazz Rags & Blues Book 4 For Piano

For Instrument - Piano
Format - Sheet Music

9 original pieces for piano by Martha Mier, for intermediate pianists, reflecting the various styles of the Jazz idiom.


  • Birmingham Blues [Martha Mier]
  • Good Time Rag [Martha Mier]
  • Grandview Boulevard [Martha Mier]
  • Jackson Street Blues [Martha Mier]
  • Katy's Dance [Martha Mier]
  • Last Chance Blues [Martha Mier]
  • Mr Trumpet Man [Martha Mier]
  • Steamboat Rag [Martha Mier]
  • Tuxedo Jazz [Martha Mier]

Additional Information

Contributors - Martha Mier
Series - Jazz Rags and Blues
Year of Publication - 1999
Type - Repertoire, Albums