The Ivor Novello Song Album

The Ivor Novello Song Album - Piano Vocal

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The Ivor Novello Song Album - Piano Vocal

For Instrument - Piano, Vocal
Format - Sheet Music

A selection of songs from the well known Ivor Novello; a Welsh composer and singer, who became famous during the early 20th century for songs such as 'Keep the Home Fires Burning'.

This book includes some of his most famous songs from his West End musical shows, including The Dancing Years and Kings Rhapsody.


  • And Her Mother Came Too (from 'A to Z') [Novello, Ivor]
  • Fly Home, Little Heart (from 'Kings Rhapsody') [Novello, Ivor]
  • I Can Give You The Starlight (from 'The Dancing Years') [Novello, Ivor]
  • We'll Gather Lilacs (from 'Perchance to Dream') [Novello, Ivor]
  • Waltz Of My Heart (from 'The Dancing Years') [Novello, Ivor]
  • Music In May (from 'Careless Rapture') [Novello, Ivor]
  • Rose Of England (from 'Crest of the Wave') [Novello, Ivor]
  • My Dearest Dear (from 'The Dancing Years') [Novello, Ivor]
  • My Life Belongs To You (from 'The Dancing Years') [Novello, Ivor]
  • Fold Your Wings (from 'Glamorous Night') [Novello, Ivor]
  • Glamorous Night (from 'Glamorous Night') [Novello, Ivor]
  • Shine Through My Dreams (from 'Glamorous Night') [Novello, Ivor]
  • Some Day My Heart Will Awake (from 'Kings Rhapsody') [Novello, Ivor]
  • Love Is My Reason (from 'Perchance to Dream') [Novello, Ivor]
  • Keep The Home Fires Burning (Till The Boys Come Home) [Novello, Ivor]

Additional Information

Contributors - Ivor Novello
Year of Publication - 2007
Type - Repertoire