Improve your aural Grade 7 to 8 book with CD

Improve your aural! Grade 7-8 (book/CD)

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Improve your aural! Grade 7-8 (book/CD)

Level - Grades 7 to 8
Ability - Advanced
Format - Sheet Music with CD and/or Online Content

The ability to actively listen to music, to really hear what is being played is an essential skill for a musician.

Having a good ear is vital and the 'Improve Your Aural' series is all about enabling you to develop this in a fun, progressive way. Through listening activities, practice exercises and boxes to fill-in, along with the CD, this interactive workbook will help you gain the skills you need.

As there are many interrelated elements when it comes to music, there are also many activities included such as singing, writing music, composing and instrument playing.

By this fun and progressive approach, you will soon appreciate the connection between all aspects of music and the connections that Aural skills can bring.

This book is related to Grade 7 and 8 Levels.

Additional Information

Contributors - Paul Harris
Series - Improve Your Aural
Year of Publication - 2010
Level - Grade 7, Grade 8 Type - Graded Resources, Aural