Fiddle Time Joggers

Fiddle Time Joggers - Book and Audio Download

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Fiddle Time Joggers - Book and Audio Download (3rd Edition)

For Instrument - Violin
Format - Sheet Music with Online Content

A violin book for beginners, by Kathy and David Blackwell.

Fiddle Time Joggers is brightly and colourfully illustrated throughout with lots of easy to play original tunes and well known pieces and duets.

The pieces and duets use open strings and the finger pattern 0-1-23-4 and there are also some new play-along practice tracks at a slower tempo.

The Fiddle Time series is carefully paced and organised to build confidence in learners along the way.

Additional Information

Contributors - Kathy and David Blackwell
Series - Fiddle Time Joggers
Type - Graded Resources, Tutor, Method