Contemporary Cellist Book 2

Contemporary Cellist Book 2

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Contemporary Cellist Book 2 Grades 4 & 5

For Instrument - Cello

These books contain characterful and approachable compositions for cello and piano. Each presents pieces in a variety of styles and moods, indicated by the descriptive titles, and players of an imaginative and adventurous disposition will find much to test their technical and interpretational skills.


  • Aspens [Stephen Dodgson]
  • Vulcan [Stephen Dodgson]
  • Elegy [Sebastian Forbes]
  • Toccata [Sebastian Forbes]
  • Robots' March [Gordon Jacob]
  • Morning Song [Kenneth V Jones]
  • The Day Dawns on the Breakwater [Kenneth V Jones]
  • The Moorhen's Tap Dance [Kenneth V Jones]
  • A Christmas Tune [Gordon Jacob]

Additional Information

Year of Publication - 1989
Type - Albums