Brass Mix - Book 1 Grades 1 to 3 Student Book

Brass Mix - Book 1 Grades 1-3

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Brass Mix - Book 1 Grades 1 to 3 Student Book

Brass Mix is an original series of graded pieces that can be played by any brass instrument.

Book 1 covers grades 1-3 and contains 12 new arrangements of traditional tunes and works by a diverse range of composers.

The pieces have been selected and arranged by brass specialists to align with the ABRSM grade levels.

Many are featured on the ABRSM 2023 Brass syllabus and, in addition, all are ideal choices for Performance Grade exams.

There are piano and brass accompaniments for all pieces, providing useful flexibility for students and teachers.

Key features

  • one piece at each grade and list of the ABRSM 2023 Brass syllabus, for all instruments.
  • distinctive and engaging repertoire from which to build a programme for a Practical or Performance Grade exam.
  • accompaniments for a pianist or a second brass player
  • a single student book that can be used by treble-and bass-clef brass including Eb Tuba.
  • separate Bb, Eb and F piano accompaniment books (sold separately)
  • a downloadable part for Bb Tuba