Brass Instrument Service Repair and Restoration Services

Brass Instrument - Service, Repair & Restoration

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Brass Instrument Service, Repairs & Restoration
Brittens Music has specialised workshops that offer maintenance, service, repairs and restoration services to help keep your musical instruments playing at their best. 
Brass & Woodwind Instruments (including): 

Recorder, flute, clarinet, saxophone 
Cornet, trumpet, trombone and horn 

More about our Brass and Woodwind Workshop

Brass Instrument Service, Repair and RestorationFor a personalised quotation* or to request further information, please contact one of our team.

We also have Service, Repairs and Restoration Services for Bowed String Instruments, including Bow Re-Hairs

Bowed String and Guitar Instruments (including): 

Violin, viola, cello, double bass 
Guitar, ukulele & bass 
Bow Re Hairs 

*Price shown for reference only - All works by quotation only