Admira Clasico 7/8 Classical Guitar


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Admira Clasico 7/8 Classical Guitar 

Ideal for Beginner
Colour / Finish - Oregon Pine
Size - 7/8 (Seven eighths) 


Admira's Clasico guitar is a great option for those wanting a smaller-size classical guitar body, but preferring a full size fingerboard, allowing them to learn correct fingering scale. At 7/8th size, it is ideal for younger or smaller students. 


  • 7/8 Size 
  • Top: Oregon Pine 
  • Back and Sides: Sapelli 
  • Neck: African Mahogany 
  • Fingerboard: Mongoy 
  • Machineheads: Lyre design Nickel 

Additional Information 

Genre - Classical
Type - Starter Instrument, Guitar and Band, 1949, classico