ABRSM Piano Exam Pieces Grade 3 with Audio 2023-2024

ABRSM Piano Exam Pieces Grade 3 with Audio 2023-2024

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The ABRSM 2023-2024 Piano Selected Pieces for Grade 3

List A
1. Minuet in G, BWV Anh.II 1 116 - Anon.
2. Vivace: third movement from Sonatina in C, Op.36 No.1 - Muzio Clementi
3. Hansel and Gretel: from Album for Children - Miroslaw Gasieniec

List B
1. The Sad Ghost - Nancy Litten
2. Study in F: No.25 from 48 Etuden in forteschreitender Ordnung, Op. 65 - C.A. Loeschhorn
3. The Song of Twilight: from Piano Pieces for Children - Yoshinao Nakada

List C
1. T-Rex Hungry: from A Day in the Life of a T-Rex - Sonny Chau
2. The Spanish Guitar: from Accents Around the World - William Gillock
3. The Entertainer. arr Onac - Scott Joplin

New for the 2023 to 2024 season, the ABRSM Piano Exam Pieces for Grade 3 with Audio contains the 9 pieces in lists A, B and C for the Grade 3 Piano Exam.

Includes unique access to Audio performances of the pieces via a code.