ABRSM Party TimeOn holiday 15 party pieces for piano Bullard

Party Time! On holiday - 15 party pieces for piano

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Party Time! On holiday - 15 party pieces for piano

For Instrument - Piano
Level - Grade Prep
Ability - Early Stages
Format - Sheet Music

With pieces written in a way to help students practise basic fingering patterns and simple technical problems, Part Time! On Holiday is ideally suited to children who have recently started to learn to play the piano. This second book of piano pieces in the Party Time! series is creatively themed around different holiday activities.

Many of the pieces are ideal for Prep Test level, so this is a great book for those preparing for the test.


  • Holiday Fanfare [Alan Bullard]
  • Tennis Match [Alan Bullard]
  • On the Beach [Alan Bullard]
  • Woodland Walk [Alan Bullard]
  • Relaxing by the Pool [Alan Bullard]
  • Seaside Rock [Alan Bullard]
  • On the Swings [Alan Bullard]
  • Rainy Day [Alan Bullard]
  • End of the Pier [Alan Bullard]
  • Beneath the Sea [Alan Bullard]
  • Picnic Lunch [Alan Bullard]
  • Mountain Climbing [Alan Bullard]
  • Fairground [Alan Bullard]
  • Dodgems [Alan Bullard]
  • Ice-Skating [Alan Bullard]

Additional Information

Contributors - Alan Bullard
Year of Publication - 1998
Level - Grade Prep
No of Pages - 16
Type - Albums