ABRSM Grade 1 Violin Exam Pieces from 2024 Part Only

ABRSM Violin Exam Pieces, Grade 1, from 2024, Part Only

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 ABRSM Violin Exam Pieces, Grade 1, from 2024, Part Only

For Instrument - Violin
Exam Board - ABRSM from 2024 Grade 1
Ability - Early Stages
Format - Sheet Music

This book contains nine pieces from ABRSM's Grade 1 Violin syllabus from 2024, three pieces chosen from each of Lists A, B and C.

The pieces have been selected to offer an attractive and varied range of styles, creating a collection that provides a source of repertoire to suit every performer.

List A
1. Ignatius Sancho - The Sword Knott: from Minuets, Cotillons and Country Dances
2. J.S.Bach - Mer hahn en neue Oberkeet, arr. Salter
3. Trad.Irish - The wind that Shake the Barley, arr. Litten

List B
1. Bernard Shore - Moonrise: No.1 from A Fairy Ring
2. Trad.Scottish - An Coineachan, arr. Bullard
3. Trad.Yiddish - Tumbalalaika, arr. Gritton

List C
1. Joseph Barbera, William Hanna & Hoyt Curtin - The Flintstones, arr. Iles
2. Peter Martin - Hoe Down: from Little Suite No.3
3. Trad Zulu- Siyahamba, arr. Iles

Additional Information

Series - ABRSM Exam Pieces
Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music
Year/s from 2024
Grades Incl. - Grade 1
Type - Exam Music, Exam Pieces