Yamaha b3 Silent Piano - Polished Ebony (Colour Options Available)

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Yamaha-b3-Silent Piano - Polished Ebony (Colour Options Available)


At 121cm high, the new Yamaha b3 is the largest and most tonally rich of the b series range.

It enjoys the additional strength and performance benefits of the five back posts supporting the specially selected soundboard.

Lacquered for enhanced high-end clarity, the b3 soundboard is designed to offer optimum tonal characteristics within a cost-effective and stable structure

Silent Piano

SILENT pianos are genuine acoustic pianos equipped with Yamaha’s advanced silencing technology. When the keys are played in SILENT Mode, the hammers are stopped immediately before striking the strings so that the piano itself generates no sound. Sensors installed below the keys decipher how the keys are played and relay the data to the digital tone generator, which generates sampled sounds that can be heard through a pair of headphones. By allowing players to play a true acoustic piano sound under normal circumstances, or to put on headphones and play in SILENT Mode to avoid disturbing others, SILENT Piano™ makes any time a good time to sit down at the piano.

Record your performance with a single button press and listen back right away. Or use the USB recording feature to store your performances in WAV format to USB flash memory, so you can keep them on your computer as a record of your progress.

The Smart Pianist app connects you with an exciting new world of ways to enjoy piano playing. You can use it to analyse songs on your smart device and automatically generate piano scores (chord charts), or take advantage of the intuitive, at-a-glance functions to control the volume, instrument sound selection and other features.

More than just a piano, this remarkable instrument also has different sounds, including electric piano, harpsichord, organ, strings, and choir. Select your favourite sound to match the style of music you want to play and prepare to be insprired.

There are 20 different rhythms built into the SILENT PIANO comprising drums and bass. Select the desired accompaniment pattern and enjoy playing with your own personal backing band.


  • Colour - Polished Ebony, Polished Ebony with Chrome*, Polished Mahogany, Open Pore Dark Walnut and Polished White
    *PEC model features chrome pedals and logos)
  • Finish - As desired
  • Size - Dimensions, Width 152cm, Height 121cm, Depth 61cm,
  • Weight - 237kg
  • Keyboard - Number of Keys 88
  • Pedal Type - Muffler

Additional Information

Type - Upright, Piano - Keyboard, YamahaB3Silent