Fifty for Flute, Book One

Fifty for Flute, Book One

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Fifty for Flute, Book One

For Instrument - Flute
Format - Sheet Music

A collection of progressive studies in two volumes for unaccompanied flute.

Carefully written to explore different aspects of flautist's technique, these attractive and well-crafted studies also contain a mix of articulations, speeds, time signatures and rhythms to provide original and varied study repertoire for teacher and pupil.


  • Ambushed Flute [Bullard]
  • Baroque Flute [Bullard]
  • Bouncy Flute [Bullard]
  • Cheerful Flute [Bullard]
  • Cool Flute [Bullard]
  • Crotchety Flute [Bullard]
  • Dancing Flute [Bullard]
  • Dreamy Flute [Bullard]
  • Echo Flute [Bullard]
  • Gracious Flute [Bullard]
  • Grumpy Flute [Bullard]
  • Holiday Flute [Bullard]
  • and lots more...

Additional Information

Contributors - Alan Bullard
Year of Publication - 1996
No of Pages - 24
Type - Graded Resources, Tutor, Method