Sandner 300 Violin Outfit including Case and Bow - (1/16th to Full Size)

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Sandner 300 Violin Outfit - Size Options

Instrument - Violin
Ability - Ideal for Beginner
Sizes - 4/4 (Full), 3/4 (Three quarters), 1/2 (Half), 1/4 (Quarter), 1/8 (Eighth), 1/10 (Tenth), 1/16 (Sixteenth) 

Rent a violin from Brittens Music in Tunbridge Wells Kent or New Haw Surrey



Setup and tone are very important when learning to play or advancing through your Exam Grades and the Sandner 300 delivers on both. With quality components and being setup for ease of use, it allows beginners and intermediate players to concentrate on their practice, knowing that the Sandner 300 will enable them to ‘deliver their best performance!’

A Great Beginners Violin Outfit

An outstanding Violin Outfit at this level, the beautiful Sandner 300 Series is an ideal instrument for the beginner violinist.

Setup and ready to go ‘straight out of the box’, your new Violin is professionally checked and prepared by one of our in-house luthiers and includes a Brazilwood, horsehair bow with Ebony frog. The outfit is supplied in a violin case, that also contains two straps, which can allow for the popular backpack-style use, and even includes a pocket for your sheet music.

Creating a wonderful tone, and in a polished finish, the 300p Series Violins feature qualities often reserved for much higher priced instruments, including a solid carved Spruce top and solid Maple back & ribs along with Ebony fingerboard. To ensure the best possible sound and maximise the lifetime of the violin, the woods used are aged and dried for a minimum of 2 years.

Supplied as an outfit, the kit features:

  • Sandner 300 Violin with solid carved Spruce top, solid carved Maple back, Ebony fingerboard. Tailpiece with integrated four string adjusters
  • Ebony chinrest
  • A round horsehair Brazilwood bow with Ebony frog
  • Shaped instrument case with two straps for backpack with pocket for sheet music

Sizes options include: 4/4 (full-size), 3/4 (three-quarters),1/2 (half-size), 1/4 (Quarter-size), 1/8th (Eighth-Size), 1/10th ((Tenth-Size), 1/16th (Sixteenth-Size) Violin

Additional Information

Type - Kit or Outfit, Starter Instrument, Bowed Strings, Fiddle

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Photos shown are an example of the Sandner 300 Series violin. Actual instrument finish and shade may vary.