Yamaha SILENT Pianos - The acoustic piano you can play using headphones

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Yamaha have beautiful range of acoustic pianos... whether you're a beginner looking for a smart, contemporary upright or a professional pianist searching for an outstanding concert grand piano, Yamaha have an ideal fit.

But we all know that practice makes perfect and, if like many of us, you're still learning to play, or prefer to practice those new pieces in private, using headphones, then the range of Yamaha SILENT pianos offer a great solution.

The 'SILENT' range are based on Yamaha's acoustic pianos but have a very clever extra capability built-in.

They allow those who love the feel and sound of an acoustic piano to also have the flexibility to play at any volume* or through headphones.

When in SILENT piano mode, the hammers will no longer hit the strings and instead a high-quality grand piano sound is produced digitally, allowing you to play privately through your headphones (*or speakers) at a volume of your choice. You can also select additional instrument voices to accompany your music, adding another dimension in flexibility to your piano!

To find out more about Yamaha SILENT pianos pop into one of our stores or, to try one our for yourself, contact our Tunbridge Wells showroom to book a demonstration**.

Yamaha b1 SILENT Piano

 Example shown - the Yamaha b1 Silent Piano in polished ebony finish

**Subject to availability


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