Mahalo Island Concert Ukuleles - Even their colours sound fun

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Mahalo Island Concert Ukuleles 

Mahalo Island Concert Ukueles

The Ukulele is an instrument that can evoke images of sunshine, sea, sand and fun and with their beautiful hand finished, transparent colours that enhance the wood’s natural grain, Mahalo Island ukuleles take you on a journey across the deep green seas to the golden sand dunes, cool rainforests and dazzling orange island sunsets in classic Mahalo style.

They have everything you need for a great sound too - a linden body with an arched back to keep the warm lows and bright highs in balance, and Aquila Super Nylgut strings and Graph Tech NuBone saddle to enhance the playing tension and resonance of this great sounding instrument.

With a unique range of colours and superbly detailed sound, each Mahalo Island ukulele will stand out from the crowd. Even as a beginner ukulele player, these lovely instruments will inspire you to pick them up and get strumming!

See the range of colours

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