Brittens Music School - 'Summer School Programme'* 2023

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Brittens Music 2023 Summer School Programme

Brittens Music School - 2023 Summer Programme

Due to the success of our 2022 classes, we are delighted to confirm that our Summer School Programme Courses for 2023 are back and now available to book online*.

‘Finger-style Ukulele’ Workshop - No More Spaces

'Acting Through Song’ workshop - No More Spaces

‘Performing With Your Instrument’ Workshop - No More Spaces

Music Theory Preparation (Grade 5)  - No More Spaces   

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‘Finger-style Ukulele’ Workshop 

Practicing and learning to play the ukulele

Finger-style ukulele playing is becoming more and more popular in recent times with hundreds of new compositions and arrangements now having been written.

This workshop, best suited to mature young adults and upwards, is designed to introduce beginners to learn to play the ukulele as a solo instrument, rather than strumming chords as voice accompaniment.

Workshop Duration: 60 mins

Workshop Dates: Friday 21st July 2023 

Start time:   10:30am  

Workshop objectives:

The students will work through some basic exercises and techniques. Students will progress to learning a simple tune to read from Tab, advancing to more challenging pieces. 

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‘Acting Through Song’ Workshop

Workshop Duration: 2 hours

Workshop Dates: 

  • Wednesday 26th July 2023 (Sorry No Spaces)
  • Wednesday 16th August 2023 (New Date Added)
Start time: 11:00am 
Workshop objectives:

The workshops will include a vocal warmup, including technique building exercises for classical, musical theatre and pop, based on those relevant to the students attending the course.

The class will then work through character exercises, analysing the content of songs and exploring how students can build a character in their physicality and movement.

The session will involve some individual work to enable the students to have the opportunity to watch and learn from one another. Students will sing through a song, talk about the intentions and emotions of the song, and work on how the way they sing can reflect that as well.

All students will get the chance for individual feedback and practice.

Sorry - No Spaces - Please contact us if you would like to hear about any future 'Acting Through Song' Workshops

Performing with your instrument workshop

‘Performing With Your Instrument’ Workshop

This workshop focuses on how instrumentalists can work on their stage presence through music. Suitable for children of 10 years and older.

Workshop Duration: 90 mins

Workshop Dates: 

  • Wednesday 26th July 2023 (Sorry No Spaces)
  • Wednesday 16th August 2023 - (New Date Added) 

Start time: 2:00pm

Students are invited to bring along to the workshop a piece of music they can learn off by heart (it doesn’t have to be too challenging). Following an instrumental warm up there will be a mix of group activity standing and moving with the instrument, and working on expression with dynamics and articulation to see how that can impact the performance.  We'd work through how even scales can be performed with confidence and emotion, and perform some exercises on different ways to bring emotion into their performance.

The students will get the chance to individually play their piece and receive feedback.

Sorry - No Spaces - Please contact us if you would like to hear about any future ‘Performing With Your Instrument’ Workshop

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Music Theory Preparation (Grade 5) 

Grade 5 Theory Preparation Course

This course is aimed specifically at students who have some understanding of music theory and are working towards Grade 5 and above for instrumental grades. (Students taking an instrumental grade at 6 or above are required to have passed the Grade 5 theory exam first).

Course: Music Theory Preparation (Grade 5)
Course Duration: 4 day intensive course.

Course Dates: Monday 21st August – Thursday 24th August 2023 

Time: 10.30am - 4pm (30 minute break for lunch at 1.00pm)

The course, run by qualified music teachers from Brittens Music School, will cover the syllabus and exam preparation with quizzes, practical examples and plenty of time to ask questions. The final day will finish with a practice exam.

Students will be provided with a printed pack of materials for the courses. We do request they are able to bring with them a device with a screen large enough to read comfortably from as there are apps/websites used and referred to during the course.

If you are unsure about whether this course is right for you, please contact the music school and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

You do not have to be a current student with Brittens Music School to apply.

This intensive course will include a 30 minute break for lunch, students should bring a packed lunch and a drink.

Sorry - No Spaces - Please contact us if you would like to hear about any future Music Theory Courses

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 *Details may be subject to change.

Brittens Music Summer School Programme for 2023



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