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Rent a musical instrument

Would you like your child to learn play an instrument, but not sure what instrument they will take to? 

Our Five Star Musical Instrument Rental is an ideal way to get started. 

Designed to overcome the need to buy an instrument at the very beginning of you or your child’s musical journey, Brittens Rental Scheme has won many fans since its inception with thousands of people taking advantage.

  • Only commit to buying, when you are ready
  • Quality Instruments
  • Help choosing the right instrument
  • Free ‘size’ upgrades
  • Low cost entry route to buying an instrument

Our rental instruments are chosen for their quality and durability. Our in house repairers are able to ensure any problems are easily fixed and our simple insurance gives peace of mind in the event of accidental damage occurring.

Gone is the need to worry if your child is going to give up soon after purchasing an instrument or has to move to a larger size because of a growing spurt. With the Scheme you have an open ended rental agreement with a minimum period of 6 months. It means you don’t have to commit to buying an instrument until you are sure they are going to continue playing.

If you then purchase an instrument, payments made during the minimum period (6 months maximum) are refunded against the purchase price of the instrument of your choice.

Also if you find you or your child needs to go up a size (yes, adults sometimes need a different size viola for example) you can simply exchange your rental instrument to the required size as part of your rental agreement. 

At school, students often learn popular instruments like keyboard, violin, cello, saxophone and flute as part of their music curriculum and lots of parents find renting an instrument an ideal option. 

We have had some wonderful feedback from teachers, players and parents that our scheme has helped them or their students onto the musical ladder, giving individuals, who might not otherwise have had the chance, to fulfil their musical aspirations.

For more information see our Rentals page

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