A Quick Guide to Covers Bags & Cases for Instruments

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What Type of Instrument Covering Should I buy?

Deciding on whether to buy a case, soft padded gig bag or simply a cover is an important question for anyone that owns a musical instrument.

Do I need a Cover or a Case? 

It is not a good idea to leave a Musical instrument completely uncovered for extended periods, even in a safe place, as dust will gather and gradually affect the finish, clog up the workings and or affect the strings over time. Sunlight too, even indirect, will gradually affect the colour and finish and, if left in direct or very warm sunlight, could damage the instrument.

The Case for Protection

A small mark or knock on an instrument can change its value and potentially even its playability. For example if an unprotected instrument gets knocked over, depending on how or what it hits, it can damage the workings of a woodwind or brass instrument, can cause the bridge or soundpost to get dislodged on a bowed string instrument or spoil the aesthetics of a high gloss guitar. All of these instances could be quite costly to correct, usually more expensive than buying a protective bag or case would be.

Champion Flute Case available from Brittens Music in Tunbridge Wells Kent and New Haw Surrey

What Sort of Cover, Bag or Case?

Many beginner instruments, such as guitars, violins, flutes and trumpets are supplied as outfits or packages which will often include a cover, soft-bag or in some circumstances a case. It is worth checking, as it is an ideal way to keep the cost down when you are just starting out. 

Some high-end instruments are also supplied with quality fitted cases, but in general, most instruments do not include one as standard. So here are a few pointers as to what Instrument Bags, Covers and Cases may be available:

For guitars and ukuleles, our most popular options are soft padded transit-bags and fitted lightweight cases but if you are looking for greater protection then a full hard-case is the the route to go.
We also, often have a range of manufacturer-branded soft bags available at discounted prices. Ask to see the current availability in our Tunbridge Wells Store.
Luxury Violin Cases from Brittens Music in Tunbridge Wells Kent and New Haw Surrey


For the smaller bowed string instruments such as violins and violas, cases are often 'V-shaped' and will usually include a back-strap option. Other styles and shapes are available too, such as rectangular or D-shaped. Whatever shape you choose, they are usually offered in a variety of quality levels from budget to luxury, with fitments and extras progressing to include a thermometer, hygrometer, quilted or soft-padded interiors and more. 

Sandner Cello Soft Bag

When it comes to cellos and double-bases, soft padded bags tend to be very popular for general student-level instruments. For those preferring more robust protection, there are lightweight fitted foam-based cases and of course full hard cases too*. 

For woodwind and brass instruments, the cases are usually designed to fit the specific model or style of instrument, in keeping with the fact that they are usually partially dismantled for storage and transit. At Brittens Music we offer a selection of original-manufacturer and a quality alternative cases available either in stock or to order. 

If you have a portable digital piano or keyboard, we have a selection of soft padded gig-bags for those too in both 61 and 88 key versions, ask in-store for full range.  

    * You can view a range of our bag and case options here on the website or visit us in store to ask about options for your specific instrument.   

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