Buyer’s Guide to Sandner Bowed Strings

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Sandner have been manufacturing in Germany since 1924 and Brittens Music began distributing their products in 2005, shortly after they added their factory in China. With over 90 years of string instrument manufacture, the Sander products continue to be developed and managed according to the German traditions and have evolved into an excellent range of instruments.

Sandner Bowed String Instruments Violin Viola Cello

Sandner have been continually improving their design and quality, particularly their choice of timbers used for manufacture - even ceasing production on occasion if their desired timbers are in short supply. Sandner's use of only perfectly seasoned timbers, as well as particular varnish requirements, improve the sound and tone of the instruments.

Positive Feedback

We have received plenty of positive feedback from our customers, and continue to endorse Sandner as a superior sounding and playable instrument. We firmly believe that they provide an excellent instrument, both for playability and sound for many years to come.

WHICH MODEL IS BEST FOR ME? - (see also How do I Choose a Violin?)

Player ability will determine which model suits you best from budget, to student, to professional and concert player. Take a look at our Bowed String range to discover what we have on offer.

The price will be dependent on the quality and availability / rarity of the timbers, but it is primarily the ability and experience of the craftsmanship required in the manufacturing of the instrument which is so important. Each model will have it's own unique sound which will ultimately be the key part of every individual purchase. This is why anyone who is looking to buy an instrument should ALWAYS play it first!

We stock the full range of Sandner Violins, Violas and Cellos for beginner through to concert level:

  • Top quality set ups on all outfits by our in-house luthier, to ensure reliable tuning and playability
  • Up-graded set-ups available for improved tone
  • Rental options available
Sandner instruments come with Ebony fingerboards and Pegs.

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