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Woodwind and Brass Repairs


Here at Brittens we offer a full repair service for both woodwind and brass instruments. Whether you need a small adjustment to your clarinet, your trumpet tuning slide is stuck, or your bassoon needs a complete overhaul, our highly experienced repairer can fix it!
Minor repairs can usually be sorted out fairly quickly, and normally the instrument would only be away from you for a few days. Services and more major restorations are pre-booked (much like you would with a car), so that you know exactly how long you are likely to be without your pride and joy!
There are five different types of repair – small repairs, checkover, service, repad and overhaul. Here is a breakdown of each level and what it involves:

Small Repairs

Sometimes when instruments are new, the keywork settles and may require some adjustment. Our instruments are sold with a guarantee, so if there is something not quite right, you are welcome to bring it in so we can take a look at it.
Older instruments may need the occasional repair, but should be serviced from time to time (dependent on age and useage).
We can also offer emergency work if you need something fixed in time for an exam or concert. Please do make sure you give us time to book the work in and ensure that we can get it back for your deadline.


If the instrument is under two years old or has been serviced in the last year or two, a check-over is a good idea. A check-over ensures the instrument is in good playing order and will be reliable at a recital or exam!


Instruments over two years should ideally have a service. A service will repair a tarnished or dirty instrument, as well as take care of damaged pads or missing key cork/felts. A service helps prolong the life and value of an instrument and ensures it is at it's best playing condition.

Repad (student overhaul)

If the instrument is over 5 years old and has never had any work done a repad is recommended. This will bring the instrument back to full working order.


This work is recommended for professionals who use their instruments extensively and depend on them for performances.
The above is a guide to the servicing and repairs we can provide for wind and brass instruments. However, we can provide more clarity about the work required, and the cost, once we have seen the instrument at our workshop. Only then can we recommend the repair service that best suits your needs as prices will vary depending on the level of work required.
Give us a call on 01892 526659 for more information!