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Update on Adult Taster Sessions


So far we have had people in for Ukulele (two sessions), Clarinet, Cello, Singing, Saxophone and Violin. We have managed to average between 4 and 7 people per session, which we are really pleased with.  Our goal was to get more adults into learning instruments - show people what fun a group instrument lesson can be, and introduce lessons to adults who were interested in dipping their toe in!  Our teachers enjoyed the sessions too, working with new groups of people who were really motivated to try something new, or pick up something from their youth!

What we have discovered so far, is that there is an interest in learning an instrument later on in life, but adults fear that they won't have enough time to practice, resulting in ineffective lessons, or lessons being a waste of time.  We can resolve that, but offering people the opportunity to take fortnightly lessons, alternating with another student - to halve the cost and double the time available to practice!  If this appeals to you, get in touch and we will find you a lesson partner.

The age range of attendees on the taster sessions was between 35 and mid 70s.  A really diverse age range, showing that music continues to have a broad appeal.

We also had people coming in with their own instruments, and some who had never touched the instrument before. 

There was considerable set up time with the Clarinet and Saxophone lessons, as everyone learnt how to insert their reeds and understand how the instrument worked!  One lady has restarted playing her clarinet. Another couple are still reflecting on sharing an alternating Saxophone lesson every fortnight. 

Helen our singing teacher is setting up lessons on a Sunday, and anyone fancying singing in a group - can still get in touch with us for that!  Whether experienced choristers, or beginners, Helen will be able to lead you through those notes!

Our Ukulele teacher Steve is keen to start up a group, if anyone fancies jamming with other Uke players at Brittens once a week...  do email us at Sales if you would like to enquire about that.

We still have the Guitar and Flute sessions scheduled for July and a Harp session which we will be running in September - so we look forward to as many of you as possible attending these as possible.  We have used the Eventbrite app to book the events, so please follow the links above, call the store, or email us.   And finally, a big THANK YOU to Mischa, Helen, Nicky, Richard and Steve for running the sessions!