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Take it away v rental


Our ‘Take it away’ scheme is funded by the arts council and their aim is to ensure music is accessible to people from all walks of life. With interest-free loans for musical instruments, equipment, software and tuition, they help to support musicians at every level.
Our rental scheme negates the need to worry if your child is going to give up soon after purchasing an instrument or has to move to a larger size because of a growing spurt. With this scheme you have an open ended rental agreement with minimum periods of either 3 or 6 months.
It means you don’t have to commit to buying an instrument until you are certain you are going to continue playing. If you then purchase an instrument, payments made during the minimum period are refunded against the purchase price of the instrument of your choice.
Pros and cons of each:
Pro - The rental scheme has lower monthly payments
Pro - The minimum period payment can be used towards an upgrade after you’ve decided to buy
Pro - It’s an easy, simple exchange as your little one grows and a larger size is required
Con - After nine months, only a maximum of  six months goes towards purchase
Take it away
Con - You are purchasing the instrument you first use
Pro - After nine months the instrument is yours
Con - There is a higher monthly repayment than the rental scheme
Pro - There is interest free finance subsidised by the arts council
So in summary, if you are looking to buy an instrument for someone who is still growing or if you’re just not sure what instrument to learn then the rental scheme is for you. If you have your heart set on a particular instrument and want manageable, monthly payments then the ‘Take it away’ scheme is the way to go.
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