Yamaha P116 Silent Piano - Polished Ebony (Colour Options)

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Yamaha P116 Piano - Polished Ebony


P-Series pianos are mid-range models with high end quality and features. Belying their affordability, these pianos are built with Yamaha's care and attention to detail, giving them excellent tonal projection and the sensitive, quick responsiveness of the Yamaha keyboard and action mechanism. 

To ensure the highest level of quality, Yamaha have used a grand piano-grade, premium spruce to provide a strong, consistent tone across the entire keyboard range. Their exquisite European-influenced design and craftsmanship make them a joy to see, hear, play and own. 

With magnificent cabinetry, spruce soundboard and back posts crafted to European preferences, the P116 delivers superb sound quality whilst remaining compact in appearance. 

Realistic tonal colour for faithful reproduction

CFX Binaural Sampling 

For the first time ever the Silent Piano™ offers sound sampled from the Yamaha CFX full concert grand piano, supporting the beauty of its clear, vivid tones with the power of this renowned instrument.

  • Yamaha’s first model with binaural sampling system, enabling reproduction of natural and three-dimensional sound. [Binaural sampling system]. A recording system in which microphones are installed in the ears of a dummy (see diagram) so that the sound can be reproduced the way it is heard by the player.
  • When playing in "Silent" mode, the player feels as though the CFX sounds are coming directly from the piano. 

Maximum simultaneous polyphony of 256 notes 

The maximum simultaneous polyphony on the SH type is 256 notes. With the increase in maximum simultaneous polyphony CFX sampling and piano effects can be utilized more effectively for enhanced precision in sound reproduction.

Large capacity (256MB) of wave memory 

This increase in memory capacity enables the SH type to reproduce even the subtle difference in nuances brought by key touch and thus significantly increases the expressivity of performance. 

Four types of piano effects for reproducing sounds that are characteristic of acoustic performance 

  • String resonance: Reproduces the expressive tonal colours that are created as strings hit by hammers resonate with other strings. 
  • Key-off sampling: Reproduces the subtle changes of sound that occur when the damper touches the strings. 
  • Sustain sampling: Records the rich sounds that are generated as the player depresses a pedal during performance. 
  • Damper resonance: Reproduces the deep and expansive resonance that is generated when the player depresses a pedal. Subtle changes in nuance that occur during the performance can be reproduced faithfully. 

Exclusive functions and superb operability of the SH type 


  • The SH type has a built-in metronome that can be used in "Silent" mode so that players can listen to precise rhythm through headphones while they play.
19 tonal colours 
  • 19 voices, including harpsichord, pipe organ strings, celesta and jazz organ provide a wide range of musical expression. 

Two recording systems (Built-in recorder and USB audio recorder)
  • The performance can be recorded in two different ways. It can be recorded either directly to the built-in recorder of a piano, or to a USB audio recorder, in which case the data stored in USB flash memory in WAV format can be played on a PC as well.
    Using a built-in recorder is more convenient if the players wish to listen to the recorded piece right away. It allows them to listen to the entire performance of a music piece or to go back and listen to a particular section of the piece.
    Since performances are saved in WAV format with a USB audio recorder, they can be recorded onto CDs or played on portable music players. 

User-friendly control panel 

Blue-lit control buttons on the front panel are easy to identify and provide superb operability.

Open headphones and a variety of connection terminals 

Open structured headphones that can produce clear, high-quality sound 

  • The headphones that come exclusively with SH type pianos are designed in a way that minimises the strain on users after long hours of playing.
  • These newly employed headphones contribute to the improvement of sound quality as well as to the reduction of fatigue during performance. 

Equipped with AUX and MIDI terminals 

AUX and MIDI terminals allow the sound to be output to a variety of external devices (e.g. stereo components, IC recorders, speakers with built-in amplifiers, stereo systems). 

Connecting SH type pianos to external devices such as sound source modules and music players (CD players etc.) via AUX IN terminals allows players to listen to the sound from these external devices on the headphones while they play the piano. 

Connecting MIDI devices such as synthesizers to SH type pianos via MIDI OUTPUT terminals allows players to transmit performance information to external devices for playback. 

Connecting music sequencers to SH type pianos via MIDI IN terminals allows the players to receive and play back the performance information provided by the sequencers using the sound source of SH type pianos. 


Colour/Finish Options - Polished Ebony, Polished Ebony with Chrome, Polished White, Polished White with Chrome (PEC and PWHC models feature chrome pedals and logos)


Width 116cm, Height 152cm, Depth 58cm

Weight 213kg


Number of Keys 88

Additional Information

Type - Upright, Piano - Keyboard