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How early should you introduce your baby to music?


Studies have shown that introducing your baby to music as early as possible can influence their future musical ability as well as their current non musical progress. Parents that have actively engaged in music with their young ones will see an improvement in non verbal communications such as smiling, waving, pointing to things that are out of reach and will find that they are easier to soothe when exposed to situations that are unfamiliar. Even at the most basic level, learning music uses multiple parts of the brain at the same time. This improves 'fluid intelligence’ which is the ability to use logic in new situations to solve unfamiliar problems, identify patterns and retain information.

In our Colourstrings Tiny Rascals class you will start your child’s musical journey as young as three months old!

Here is a little bit of information from our Colourstrings teacher, Rachel.

"These calm, singing-based sessions are a perfect introduction to music for you and your little one. We have structure and routine and everyone soon comes to know what to expect and look forward to the next part. Classes are gentle, fun and musical. The development of musical skills is at the very centre of each and every carefully planned class. We bounce, sway, roll, tap, walk (carrying them) at different speeds, and play different instruments to and with them so that they can hear and feel the pulse - such an important aspect of learning music! We choose the songs extremely carefully – you won’t find the same songs in a Colourstrings class as you might at the Library Bounce & Rhymes or many other music classes. The songs are simple, often only 2 or 3 notes, easy to remember and within a young child’s range, and are sung with repetition starting at different pitches. We focus on the human voice – babies respond to the sing-song parent voice, they are calmed and captivated by it. Without distracting backing tracks, singing alone enables the baby to really hear the pitches, rhythms and words of the song. If this is carefully nurtured from a young age, it can be developed into an instinctive, natural understanding and musical ability. These classes also give parents a wealth of song repertoire they can sing to their baby at home and gives the baby an excellent head start for when they are ready to speak and sing in later classes, having gained a familiarity with the songs and the teacher. As an extra benefit, classes can also help to develop confidence and body awareness, development of language and speech and early social interaction with others (such as turn taking). Classes are very informal and you should feel free to feed your baby, pick them up and walk, or do anything that you feel your baby needs at that moment."

We are currently running a special offer for the next 5 sign ups to our Tiny Rascals class! The summer term is in full swing but our Tiny Rascals class still has spaces available! The next 5 babies booked for the rest of the term get the rate of £6pw (rather than £7pw)! A 3 week trial is also available for £21. Classes are held at 10.50am - 11.25am on Fridays; for more information or to book your place, call 01892 559319.