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Instrument Rental

Music Instrument Rental from Brittens

Rental Scheme available at BRITTENS MUSIC DIRECT SHOPS


Not sure if your child will practice? Want to try something out yourself? We offer a low-cost rental scheme with an option to purchase, for strings, woodwind, brass, digital pianos, keyboards and drums. Click here for the comparison between our Take It Away Scheme and our Rental Scheme.

Very popular and designed to be flexible during the early stages of you or your child’s musical journey; Brittens Five Star Instrument Rental© has won many fans since its inception with thousands of people taking advantage.  

Five Star Instrument Rental

  1. Only commit to buying, when you are ready

  2. Quality Instruments

  3. Help choosing the right instrument

  4. Free 'size' upgrades

  5. Low cost entry route to buying an instrument


Gone is the need to worry if your child is going to give up soon after purchasing an instrument or has to move to a larger size because of a growing spurt.  With the Scheme you have an open ended rental agreement with minimum periods of either 3 or 6 months*. 

Our rental instruments are chosen for their quality and durability and our simple insurance gives peace of mind in the event of accidental damage occurring.

It means you don’t have to commit to buying an instrument until you are certain you are going to continue playing. If you then purchase an instrument, payments made during the minimum period are refunded against the purchase price of the instrument of your choice.  

We have had some wonderful feedback from teachers, players and parents that our scheme has helped them or their students onto the musical ladder, giving individuals, who might not otherwise have had the chance, to fulfil their musical aspirations. Also if you find you or your child needs to go up a size (yes, adults sometimes need a different size viola for example) you can simply exchange your rental instrument to the required size as part of your rental agreement.  Most types of instrument are available for hire subject to availability. 


Bowed Strings (Instrument rental for Violin, Viola, Cello or Double Bass)

Violin Cash Price Monthly Rental
Sandner 300 or similar (1/16 - 4/4) £150.00 £8.50
Sandner 302 or similar (1/8 - 4/4) £250.00 £15.00
Sandner 304 or similar (1/4 - 4/4) £350.00 £21.00
Sandner 306 or similar (1/2 - 4/4 £800.00 £45.00
Viola Cash Price Monthly Rental
Sandner 400 or similar (12" - 16") £225.00 £13.50
Sandner 402 or similar (13" - 16.5") £370.00 £22.00
Sandner 404 or similar (14" - 16.5") £525.00 £31.50
Cello Cash Price Monthly Rental
Sandner 202 or similar (1/16-1/4) £600.00 £22.50
Sandner 202 or similar (1/2 - 3/4) £650.00 £23.50
Sandner 202 with Perfection Pegs £750.00 £30.00
Sandner 204 or similar (1/4 - 4/4) £750.00 £30.00
Sandner 206 or similar (1/2 - 4/4) £1250.00 £75.00
Sandner 209 or similar (3/4 - 4/4) £1500.00 £90.00
Double Bass (Minimum Rental 6 months) Cash Price Monthly Rental
Stentor Student (1/8 - 3/4) £1250.00 £75.00
Stentor Conservatoire (1/4 - 3/4) £2350.00 £141.00

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Woodwind (Instrument rental for Flute, Clarinet or Saxophone)

Flute Cash Price Monthly Rental
Trevor James TJ5x £275.00 £18.00
Trevor James TJ10x £469.00 £28.00
Trevor James TJ10x curved head £595.00 £35.00
Trevor James Privilege £619.00 £37.00
Yamaha YFL-212 £625.00 £37.00
Clarinet Cash Price Monthly Rental
Trevor James Series 5 £459.00 £27.00
Jupiter JCL700SQ £475.00 £29.00
Yamaha YCL-255 £560.00 £34.00
Alto Saxophone Cash Price Monthly Rental
Trevor James Alpha £575.00 £34.00
Trevor James Classic £649.00 £39.00
Yamaha YAS-280 £1087.00 £65.00
Tenor Saxophone Cash Price Monthly Rental
Trevor James Classic £895.00 £54.00

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Brass (Instrument rental for Trumpet, Cornet or Trombone)

Trumpet Cash Price Monthly rental
Trevor James TJTR2500 £399.00 £24.00
Yamaha YTR-2330 £485.00 £30.00
Trombone Cash Price Monthly Rental
Jupiter JTB500Q £550.00 £35.00
Cornet Cash Price Monthly Rental
Jupiter JCR700Q £575.00 £35.00
Other Brass & Woodwind available on request

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Keyboards & Digital Pianos (Instrument rental for Keyboards and Digital Pianos

Keyboards Cash Price Monthly Rental
Yamaha PSR-E363 £208.00 £14.00
Yamaha PSR-E463 £315.00 £21.00
X-Braced Keyboard stand (single) KS17 £33.00 £2.00
X-Braced Keyboard stand (double) KS129 £43.00 £3.00
Keyboard Tablestand (TGKT1) £54.00 £4.00
Keyboard bench (KDT5505) £69.99 £5.00
Digital Pianos (Minimum rental 6 months) Cash Price Monthly Rental
Yamaha P-45 £437.00 £29.00
Yamaha P-121 £526.00 £35.00
Yamaha P-125 £625.00 £42.00
Yamaha YDP-144 £846.00 £56.00
Yamaha YDP-163 £1099.00 £70.00
Yamaha CLP-635 £1770.00 £115.00
Yamaha CLP-645 £2370.00 £150.00

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Drum Kits (Minimum rental 6 months) Cash Price Monthly Rental
Yamaha DTX432 Electronic Drum Kit £514.00 £32.00
Dixon Drum Throne (PSN9260T) £40.95 £2.00
SX 10 Watt Amplifier £74.00 £5.00

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Brittens Music Instrument Rental Terms and Conditions

All prices include VAT and are subject to change without notice.
Instruments are subject to availability. Alternatives may be offered.
Delivery is available for larger instruments – please ask for a quote.


The rental is for minimum period of 3 or 6 months (see below), then monthly until the instrument is returned.


Rental payments are monthly in advance and are paid by direct debit


A returnable deposit equal to one month’s rental is payable at the start of the agreement. This is refunded when the instrument is returned in good condition (reasonable wear and tear is excepted).

Purchase Option

Should you wish to purchase the instrument you are hiring, you will be entitled to a discount equal to the hire fees paid during the minimum term, i.e. three or six times the monthly rental. If you are the first user of the instrument, this discount only applies to the instrument you have hired or one of greater value. If your instrument was not new at the commencement of the agreement, the hire fees may be set against the instrument you are renting (which will be reduced accordingly), a new instrument of the same type (subject to availability) or one  of greater value.

Option to Return

The hirer is responsible for returning the instrument to a branch of Brittens Music Direct when no longer required. In the event that this is before the end of the minimum term, the balance of the minimum rental fee is payable.


Any instrument rented from us can be insured against loss or damage from as little as £1.50 per month. We strongly recommend this option as sometimes children can be heavy-handed and accidents can happen. A £25 excess applies.

Rental scheme available at Brittens Music Direct shops

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