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Grand News at Brittens


If you have been into our Tunbridge Wells shop recently, you will have noticed changes afoot.  We now have FIVE big beautiful Grand Pianos in our showroom. We are delighted to announce that we have a fabulous 1948 Steinway which has been fully reconditioned, a 1905 fully restored Bechstein Grand, a Steinway Boston Grand, along with a Schreiner & Sohne Grand.  These beauties sit alongside the Yamaha C3X which we have on sale at the moment.  We have teamed up with a major supplier of pianos in the UK and will continue to expand our grand piano range.  These pianos have already caused quite a stir with many window shoppers pausing to admire them, or stop to listen to the pianists young and old, who can’t resist popping in and having a play!


More details of these pianos can be found by following the links to our website.


Grand pianos have been around for nearly 100 years earlier than their upright counterparts.  The instrument as first invented, was designed with a horizontal, rather than a vertical action (which you would find in an upright piano).  This means that the hammers, when depressed, return faster after striking the string, which allows faster repetition of notes and also, notes can be repeated without the player having to fully release their finger.  This enables greater precision and control when playing as well as the ability to perform with greater expression.

As well as the action, the lid of the instrument fully opens, allowing the sound to project  in a more Grand way, promoting the tonal power and volume.


The other point to note with a grand piano, is that the larger it is (they can vary from 5ft to 10ft) the better the sound, due to the increased size of the sound board.


As with the purchase of any instrument, it is in the playing that you will fall in love with it.  So please do pop along to the shop and have a look and play of these wonderful instruments.