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Russell House, Grove Hill Road, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1RZ.

Brittens Music Privacy Policy

Brittens Music (Tunbridge Wells) Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales (referred to as “Brittens”, “we” or “us”).

At Brittens we understand how important your personal data is and respect the trust you put in us. This privacy policy applies to our stores, music school, exam centre and online. It explains how we collect your personal information, what we do with it and the rights you have to manage or update it.

The information we collect

The personal information Brittens collect will depend on the reason for our contact with you. For example, the data collected from a person enquiring about an instrument would be different from someone registering with our music school or to rent an instrument from us.

The personal information collected by Brittens may include:

  • Your name and contact details; e.g. postal addresses, mobile and landline telephone numbers, email addresses
  • The dates and times of your interactions with us
  • Purchases, rentals or other orders and agreements you have made with us
  • Instrument/s played, your music interests and the products or services you have shown interest in.
  • Music exam grade or skill level.
  • Your online browsing history and activities while looking at, through cookie data, please see our terms and conditions for full details on our Cookie policy
  • Your direct marketing preferences where applicable.

This list is not exhaustive and there may be times where other specific information is needed and recorded.

Data may be collected by Brittens directly from you. For example, when you make purchases from us, complete our forms either online or offline, enter a competition, request information from us or send us emails.

We may also collect data automatically or indirectly. For example when you visit our website or interact with us on social media, or when a third party has your permission to share your data with us.


We only record information about a child when it is supplied by a teacher, parent or a person with parental responsibility for that child, and only when it is both required and related to a specific, essential business need or enquiry.

Our website is not intended for use by children.

What we use your data for

Brittens use your personal  information as an essential part of providing our goods and services to you and maintaining our ongoing relationship with you. For example:

  • Fulfilling or maintaining orders or agreements you place with us
  • In the event of a refund and for warranty purposes
  • As part of helping you to choose the right instrument, product or service requirement/s for you
  • To answer queries you give us or to send you information about our products or services
  • To manage any account or customer service communications you have with us
  • To validate who you are, for both online or offline purposes
  • For market research and to analyse business activities
  • To communicate with you
  • To record your marketing preferences with us
  • To analyse your browsing or online activities with us
  • For marketing purposes, to inform and update you regarding products, services and other offers. (You always have the right to change your preferences on direct marketing, see ‘Consent’ below)

Your data may also be used for crime and fraud prevention or for legal or regulatory requirements. For example; governmental bodies, law enforcement agencies, courts or insurers.

Who we share your data with

We do not share your personal data outside of Brittens without your consent, other than with our essential service providers or for legal, regulatory or insurance requirements.

This means we may share your personal information with:

  • The providers of our IT systems and website
  • Other essential service suppliers such as our payment service provider, bank or delivery agents.
  • Third party companies, organisations or individuals where we have your consent to do so
  • Our legal, insurance and accounting service providers
  • Any legal or regulatory bodies if required to do so, or to help prevent fraud or crime. For example, if requested to do so by a law enforcement agency or government regulatory body.

We only share personal data with organisations who have confirmed to us that they apply appropriate data protection and security controls.

We do not share data internationally.

Security and protecting your data

Brittens are committed to respecting privacy and protecting your personal data. We use technical and organisational measures in order to achieve these goals.    

Lawful basis for using or processing your data

There are a number of reasons why Brittens may collect and or use your personal data. Generally, we store or process your personal data because:

  • It is necessary for our legitimate business interests
  • We have your consent for direct marketing or promotion, either directly as part of a request for information or as part of an order or agreement you have with us, or specifically for direct marketing purposes (See Consent)
  • To comply with any legal requirements


Our legitimate interest

  • As a business, it is necessary for us to collect, process or use your personal data to allow us to, for example:
    • Sell, supply, maintain or fulfil any of our products or services or other agreements with you
    • To keep you informed, updated, answer queries or respond to your requests for further information
    • Provide you with customer services and support
    • Help evaluate our service quality and determine areas for new services or products
    • For direct marketing purpose (whether you are an existing or past customer, or have shown a direct interest in our products or services)
      • Determine the most pertinent products and services related to your enquiries, interests, purchases or data requests
      • Communicate with you about relevant products, services or promotions (You have the right to withdraw permission for direct marketing at any time – Please see Consent)
      • To update and record your direct marketing preferences
    • To maintain and process our general business records and accounts
    • To keep our information about you up to date 
    • Evaluate, analyse and monitor our business; to help improve our customer service, tailor our products and services to best suit our customers and to determine optimal marketing and promotions.
    • To protect the company, customers, staff and our service providers against fraud or crime.
    • To notify you of any product recall or other notices



Where you have given us your details instore or online, in the course of a sale or requesting information about a product or service, we may contact you by electronic or other means about our products and services that we believe you would be interested in. You always have a right to change your direct -marketing preferences with us including at the point the data is first collected.

Where we have obtained your information from a GDPR compliant third party or automatically (via social media, for example), Brittens may contact you electronically for marketing purposes with your consent and may keep you informed of products and services by post. You always have the right to change your marketing preferences,(see contact details below).

Your choices and rights

You have the right to know what data we hold about you. You may request this information from us at any time. This service is free of charge.

For your security, to obtain this information, we will need to verify who you are prior to supplying any information.

If our information about you is inaccurate or requires updating, you have the right to ask us to update it.

You have the right ‘to be forgotten’ and to ask us to stop processing your data if it is no longer needed in relation to the purpose it was originally collected or processed.

You always have the right to change your marketing preferences with us at any point.


Our web site uses cookies to collect information about the browsing and purchasing behaviour of visitors to the site.  Our cookies policy is outlined in our terms and conditions.

If you would like to action one or more of your ‘rights’ or ‘choices’, please contact us (details below).

This policy has been written to be easily understood, but if you would like further clarification of any points here, have any questions or wish to update your preferences.

Phone: 01892 526659


Post: Russell House, Grove Hill Road, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1RZ.

Brittens Music (Tunbridge Wells) Ltd Registered office: Russell House, Grove Hill Road, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1RZ.

Right to lodge a complaint

You have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). For details and further information, including the full contact details, please visit

Changes to this Policy

We may review this policy from time to time. Any changes will be notified to you by posting an updated version on our web site and/or by contacting you by email.