Knight Ship's Piano Upright Piano

Knight Console Piano Upright Piano (64 Keys)

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Knight Console Piano Upright Piano

Colour / Finish - Mahogany
Type - Pre Owned


Rare second-hand Knight 'Console' Piano. Compact design suitable for small spaces.

This 64-note mini 'ships' piano is a rare find. It dates back to c. 1959 and was built with two pedals (soft and sustain).  Although compact in size, the sound this piano can produce is comparable to much larger instruments.

Date - c.1959

With 64 Keys and 2 Pedals

Additional Information

  • Type - Upright Piano (64 Keys)
  • Dimensions - Sizes (Approximate) 
    • Width 115cm, Height 100cm, Depth 55cm
  • Pedals x 2 - Soft and Sustain