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Bowed String Repairs

Bowed String Workshop - Tunbridge Wells


Lachlan is our in-house Luthier.  A Luthier is a person who builds or repairs stringed instruments - at Brittens Music, that means strings and guitars (electric and folk). By servicing and repairing an instrument, attending to it's action, intonation and weight, we can improve tone and playability and subsequently, achieve more enjoyment from playing it.  
As well as setting up guitars and instruments in the violin family, we are able to service and repair Yamaha keyboards.
Call 01892 559319 or email to make an enquiry or a booking.  Lachlan is onsite Tuesday, Fridays and Saturdays.



Bowed String Repairs – New Haw

If our Addlestone/New Haw is your nearest shop, then you can drop your instrument here, and we will get it to the workshop at Tunbridge Wells on one of our weekly stock runs.  You should still contact Lachlan on 01892 559319 or email to discuss the work required and to book your instrument in ahead of time.