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It’s a new dawn its a new day it’s a new term!
As we head back into the start of a new term, after the decorations are down and the seemingly endless roasts have indeed come to an end - there are a few things to check before you start back at your lessons..

For string players: 

- Will I need new strings? 
- Does my instrument need a checkup / service? 
- Do I have still have enough plectrums / rosin?
- Do the batteries for the tuner still work?

For woodwind players:

- Are all my reeds still working?
- Have I booked my yearly service?
- Do I need any maintenance items?
- Washed the pull through?

For all students:

- Do I have the right book for the start of the new term?
- Checked my schedule and informed the music school of any dates I may miss due to work or personal commitments?
- Practised all the set pieces ready for the Spring Exams
(if you've booked!)

As always, we are here to help with any questions you may have regarding your lessons or learning path, or of course any queries you may have with your existing pride and joy, or perhaps a new one we can help you choose!

Music School - Term Dates

A reminder of the Music School term dates for this term and next...

Spring Term:

Monday 7 January – Saturday 6 April 2019
Half term: Monday 18 February – Saturday 23 February

(Notice date for withdrawing from lessons: 6th March)

Summer Term:

Tuesday 23 April – Saturday 20 July 2019
Half term: Monday 27 May – Saturday 1 June

(Notice date for withdrawing from lessons: 22nd June)