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11 December, 2020

ABRSM Performance Grade Exams - 2021 Dates

The ABRSM have confirmed the following dates for the new remotely assessed Performance Grades & ASRM. 

Booking period: 6 to 13 January / Exam session: 1 to 21 February
Booking period: 1 to 8 February / Exam session: 1 to 21 March
Booking period: 1  to 8 March / Exam session: 6 to 26 April

For more information about these new exams, please visit the ABRSM Site.  https://www.abrsm.org/en/performancegrades/key-information. 

8 December, 2020



Congratulations to all students who took their practical exams in November and December at Brittens Music in Tunbridge Wells. We had over 300 students attend exams, along with their accompanists. Strict Covid guidelines were folllowed and we are happy to say that it was a great (and safe) success. Well done everyone.



ABRSM Practical Performance Grades for Singing for Musical Theatre

The ABRSM have now launched new syllabuses for Singing for Musical Theatre Practical Grades 4 & 5 and Performance Grades 6–8. These are available for use in exams from January 2021. See the ABRSM website for more information, including the Grades 4-5 Songbook, Aural and Sight-singing books.




9th November 2020


ABRSM Practical Exams at Brittens - Autumn Session


Our Music School (situated above the shop) will be open for ABRSM Exams - Starting next Friday, 13th November. The Brittens Music shop downstairs, however, will be closed (although we are operating a Click & Collect service).


Candidates are asked to enter the one way system to the Music School via the Door to the LEFT of the shop front entrance (beneath the RUSSELL HOUSE sign). The door will be open, please do not ring the bell. We will be operating a 2m social distancing rule but please give people space in the stairway, or preferably queue outside if you are early. Everyone entering the exam centre will be required to sanitise their hands and wear masks. (except children under 11)


One parent/guardian/teacher may accompany a child to the warm up room, but will have to leave the premises whilst the exam takes place. We will have 3 warm up rooms in operation - but no waiting area. Our largest warm up room will be reserved for wind, brass and singing candidates - it contains a piano. Windows will be open in all three warm up rooms.


There will be a Perspex screen in the exam room. There will be two pianos in the Exam Room (one digital for the Examiner to use for Aural Tests). Accompanist will be required to wear a mask in the exam room but candidates can remove their mask for the duration of the exam only.

Pianos, door handles, seat handles and music stands will be cleaned between each use - but please refrain from touching anything unnecessarily.
Parent/guarding/teacher/ can return through the one way system to collect their child, but preferably, if they could wait at the exit (which faces the lane to the station car park) for the child to be escorted out.
Windows will be open where possible, and masks should be worn (although not during the exam).
We have over 300 candidates presented for exams, and have to follow strict guidelines to ensure everyone's safety. We will have the ABRSM HLR and Steward on duty to ensure the smooth running of the exam programme so please do not be alarmed.


August 2020

ABRSM Online Music Theory Exams

The Music Theory exams from Grades 1 to 5 are moving online.  In addition, there are a few minor changes to the syllabus itself.  Exams for Grades 6 - 8 will remain paper based, and in person.

The online exams will take place for Grades 1 to 5 in 2021, and the following are now confirmed: 
• Tuesday 16 March at 5pm (Booking period: 1 to 8 February)
• Sunday 23 May at 10am (Booking period: 6 to 13 April)
• Saturday 19 June at 10am (Booking period: 4 to 11 May) 

Online Music Theory exams later in the year will take place in August, October and November. We will publish dates for these exams on our website soon, along with planned dates for 2021 paper-based exams at Grades 6 to 8.

For more information, please visit the ABRSM site. https://gb.abrsm.org/en/our-exams/online-theory